Lawn Mowing

Lean Practices

  • Gas the lawn mower up over a tarp. In case any spills it won't stain the pavement. Never fill the lawn mower up on the grass, for the same reason.
  • Mowing straight lines is important, try an mow in the direction that will require the least back and forth.
  • Mow an initial perimeter around each area, this will give you the space you need to turn the lawn mower at the end of each pass.
  • Empty the lawn mower bag before if becomes too full. This will make it a lot easier to use the machine and give better results.

6 Things To Avoid

  • Be on the lookout for tree roots or rocks on the grass. These can damage the lawn mower.
  • Other obstacles like wood, concrete, and metal will also damage the lawn mower so be on the watch for these as well.
  • Avoid mowing areas of grass that are too soggy. If you are leaving wheel tracks that appear muddy then stop mowing this area of grass because it is too wet.
  • Be careful not to step into the garden beds when turning the mower around. 
  • Try not to mow too close to garden bed edges. You don’t want one of the wheels to go over the edge or this will drop the mower deck to the grass level and scalp the grass.

Let's go

  • The foreman will train you on how to start and use the lawn mower when on site.
  • If an accident occurs or if something gets broken, let the foreman on site know and they can gauge a response. Accidents can happen, if they do we just want to get in front of them so they can be resolved asap 

Lawn Mowing Quiz

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If you accidentally damage a piece of client property or damage a lawn mower, you should:

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Where is the best place to gas up a lawn mower?

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