Planting Cedar Hedges

Step 1

Dig a hole large enough that the root ball of the cedar will fit with space around it. If planting a hedge then dig hole approximately 2 ft apart. 

Add 6 inches of loose soil to the base of the hole and mix in a handful of bone miel for each tree. This creates a good base for your cedar to grow into.

Step 2

Place the cedar in the hole with the burlap sack still on. Make your initial placement of the cedar so that it is standing straight up and in line with other cedars (if part of a hedge). Bury the entire root ball using loose soil. Just be careful not to bury the base of the tree trunk where it flares out. Burying the trunk too deep can kill the tree so it's better to check if your unsure.

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Cedar Planting

Put your cedar hedge planting skills to the test

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When planting cedars in a hedge, approximately how far apart should the trees be spaced from each other?

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When creating a straight line hedge, what is the proper method

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Select all true options regarding the burlap sack

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What is true about planting a cedar in soil that is clay based

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How much bone meal should be added when planting a cedar/hedge?

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